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Obsolete E-Asset & E-Waste Management

The effective e-waste management solutions meet all of your disposal needs and ensure compliance and security. From e-scrap purchasing to full spectrum recycling services, E-R3  is constantly evolving to provide customers with cost-effective and reliable solutions in processing IT and electronic products.


Data Management & Degaussing

E-R3 offers professional shredding, reduction, compacting and data security degaussing systems for Corporate, banks, telecom, insurance, Government bureau, Security bureau, security providers, IT logistic, police and military departments who need to shred their confidential data and national security information in paper, optical magnetic and electronic devices.


IT Assets Electronic Rental Services

E-R3 aims to increase the number of high-quality, low-cost PCs and related parts and accessories available to Students, NGOs, Small Businesses and other users. Systems are sourced from large MNCs – refurbish and remarket them. This helps bridge the large digital divide that exists in a country of over a billion people.

Er3 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

We firmly believe and urge everyone to follow the 3 R’s of the zero-waste campaign for those seeking to be more environmentally friendly:


Reduce the amount you buy, or buy reusable items. Recycling is important but isn’t reliable if you don’t know where it ends up.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Quality and Reliability

We sell only genuine products from Original Equipment Manufacturers. All of our products undergo meticulous inspection for quality and OEM authentication. All pre-owned products are rigorously tested to manufacturers’ specifications to ensure maximum reliability and peak performance.

Certified Experts

Our team consists of young professionals with a pedigree of having worked in Fortune 500 companies who have come together with the sole purpose of building a business through social entrepreneurship.

Driven by passion

E-R3 has evolved a unique business model that raises funds for a number of charities, while greening the enterprise. Our innovative processes and technology driven methods ensures efficient upcycling of obsolete IT asset and electronic waste in a way that is sustainable to the environment at all times.

12+ Years of Experience

We have successfully conducted digital literacy in growing cities of the country through green initiatives for the past 12+ years.

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